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Developing + Elevating Indie Brands


Brand Management, 360 Integrated Marketing, New Brand Strategy, Brand Development, Creative Direction, Social Media Management, Complete Rebranding Support


GTM Strategy, Copywriting, Positioning & Competitive Analysis, Campaign Development,
New Product Development


Storytelling & Content Strategy, PR & Media Outreach, Influencer Marketing, Email & SMS, Personal Brand Development & Founder Strategy, Leveraging LinkedIn

Does your brand have heart?

Let's get back to the heart of marketing. HONEY B provides 360 marketing and communications from strategy to execution, specializing in the beauty, health, and wellness space. Founder and Marketing Consultant, Bethany Paris Ramsay, only works with the industries she knows intuitively - which means you're getting experienced insider perspective, access to key trends and consumer behavior, and connections seriously worth coveting.

Connect with your
dream audience.

Leverage organic authenticity and work with HONEY B to develop holistic marketing communications strategies that resonate with target consumers by showcasing the unique selling points of your business and its story.

Let's Get Nuanced.

In the beauty business, you can't simply sell a product. Consumers want more and HONEY B studies these behavior patterns in order to make your key differentiators a strategic part of your brand's aura. Together, we'll provide your audience with a compelling story that resonates, a community they want to be a part of, experiences that engage, and products they'll come back to again and again. 





360 Integrated Marketing & Communications

A full mix approach to ensure brand consistency; from voice to story to visuals. HONEY B provides everything you need to effectively market your business, from strategy to execution.


Copywriting & Content Strategy

HONEY B tells the story of your brand. Consistent communication is essential to connect with an audience in profound ways. Stay in touch through every part of the customer journey. Capture sales and hearts.


Product Development & GTM Strategy

Starting from scratch? In need of a portfolio refresh? Or do you just need exceptional product marketing to take you across the finish line? HONEY B has your back leading up to product launch and beyond.

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